What’s My House Worth?


If you are thinking of selling your home there are three basic ways to determine the selling price.

1. Evaluate the market in your area and make and informed and educated decision

2. Seek a qualified assistance, such as a Real Estate Agent

3. Pay for an appraisal of your home



It is important to price a home right when it is sold.

If the price is too high, it will deter potential buyers

If the house is listed too low, the seller risks making less money than the house is worth.


Valuable Tools

1. Current market value

2. CMA (Competitive Market Analysis)

3. Home appraisal

Simpson Homes provides valuable information on the market in your area. CMA’s are also provided to all clients to determine the value of comparable homes in your area. The team also includes a certified appraiser who’s goal is to ensure the accurate pricing of every home.


Contact Simpson Homes today to ensure your house is priced to sell

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